Why Aren’t You Using RSS?

Steve Rubel comments how ” No participant understood the mechanisms associated with RSS/subscribing to a blog” – this isn’t new either.

Steve Black noted to me a while back that while Canadians are fairly heavy wiki-contributors, they are on the low end of RSS usage.

Why is that? Are users not aware that the Wiki has great RSS support.

Do you want just a brief listing?

Subscribe to this

Want the full details?

Here you go

This page actually gives you the full details of the implementation because you can control it for individual name spaces as well.

Maybe it’s because not every one has a built-in news aggregator on their OS. I know that MS is doing this with Longhorn but the word has to get out more and more.

Using Firefox? It’s built right into the browser. When you get to a web site, right-click on the orange link in the bottom right hand corner and you’re subscribed.

Using IE? Consider OnFolio.

Want something to go everywhere with you? Use NewsGator or BlogLines

Yes, a lot of people complain that they have other things to do with their time than just reading blogs. And they don’t want to only read them in Outlook. That’s why having a single place (like NewsGator) that works in conjunction with others is a godsend.

My Outlook and OnLine NewsGators are sync’d so when I read a post in Outlook, it marks it as read online. When I read it online, it marks it as read in Outlook as well.

Maybe FoxPro developers want one that’s built into the Task Pane? If so, check out TaskPaneCentral for a bunch of downloads that make it easier to find and consume RSS.

Isn’t it a lot easier to read things the way YOU want to?

So for those of you who don’t use RSS, tell me : why don’t you?

For those of you who do, ask others around you: why don’t they?

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