Using Agile

How did we help one of our clients move from a traditional waterfall development process to agile? Read on. In 2010, we began our journey with Agile in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), initiating with Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server (TFS). Emphasizing iterative development, projects adopted a hybrid model where each iteration was rigorously reviewed … Read more

Brandon Savage: Hating Old Code Is a Sign Of Growth

Hating old code is a sign of growth. Note: Brandon Savage is a PHP developer whose newsletter “Modernization Tips in under 100 words” holds a wealth of ideas for developers of all stripes. From time to time, I repeat some of these here, attributed to Brandon, of course.  In late 2021 I took a hard … Read more

5 Great Reasons to attend Virtual FoxFest

What’s coming up? Virtual FoxFest is coming up soon (sessions start October 14th). Like last year, the conference is entirely virtual yet includes great breakdown rooms and sessions to add that nice one-on-one feel that you get in person. It’s also staggered so you can choose which days you want to attend – October 14th, … Read more

Twenty Is Myth Anil Dash has written a post of remembrance every year since September 11th, 2001 (yes, on the day). His blog has lots of other great things on it – but the ONE post I always look for is his post. We were away at DevCon in San Diego that day. I was up early … Read more

Why the js/ts Visual Studio Experience is a welcome addition and what it needs more The promise noted in this announcement sounds very exciting. Sure, you can do most of this already with VS Code – but encouraging this type of development directly in Visual Studio is awesome. The one thing I would like to see is built-in support for Cypress – my e2e testing tool of choice. (Https:// … Read more

Why You Need a New Error Handler

Error handling is an integral part of application development. Unless you are like myself and never release code with bugs 🙂 , the need for clients to tell you what's wrong is important. I've seen a number of error handlers in the past, dating all the way back to Pat Adam's famous FP2ERROR routine (back … Read more

Load Only the Projects You Need with Solution Filters While I don't have a hundreds of projects in a solution, our larger application definitely has a few that don't need to be loaded each time (test apps, etc). It's a great feature but not very discoverable – I can see why they needed a blog post for it. Maybe the VS Team can … Read more

Copying Git Repos with History

Sometimes the Internet is great – you can find exactly what you’re looking for, quickly and easily. Other times, it takes you down a rabbit hole of different sites that may provide the right answer but, more often than not, the 90% rule is often true.  So when we decided to consolidate our multiple git … Read more

Something Unexpected, Something New

I’ve started listening to Tim Crawford’s Cautionary Tales podcast recently and aside from listening to enjoyable tales of design mess-ups and warfare losses, the most recent episode Bowie, Jazz and the Unplayable Piano has given me two of the things I love about great podcasts:  -they make me think– they introduce me to something I’ve never … Read more