Canadian Heritage – Update, Improve and Excel

Mr. MacNeill provided development and support for the latest versions of the Tax Credit Online System, also known as GCBO, starting in the fall of 2015 to its most recent version in 2021, delivering enhanced usability and client-side performance for online applications. Mr. MacNeill has been one of the lead architects behind the new web-based version for … Read more

Micromega Systems – Business Analytics made easy

From a customer, to a trainer to a partner, Mr. MacNeill has provided Micromega Systems with the support for their leading edge Foxfire! Query & Reporting tool. Foxfire! is a reporting tool that produces easy to understand reports from information in a wide variety of data sources, including SQL Server, Excel, SQL Server Analysis Cubes, and … Read more

RCMP – Understanding Business Data

2000-Present In 2003, the Forensic Lab section of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had introduced a new Management System (LIMS) and required advanced business reporting and development services. Over the past fifteen years, the system has been updated, extending its original scope. Mr. MacNeill: Technologies Used: Crystal Reports, HTML, SQL Server, FoxPro, Foxfire!, Microsoft Office … Read more


Foxfire! is the report writer for everyday business people. With Foxfire! you can extract and mine data from nearly any database and create many different outputs in minutes – reports, spreadsheets, charts, pivot tables, data files, and more – without becoming a database geek. (Of course many database geeks use Foxfire! too, because they can do … Read more

Working the Iteration – the Daily Stand-Up

The Theory A stand-up is a 15 minute meeting, based on three questions: 1. What did you do?2. What are you working on?3. What’s preventing you from getting it done? You have someone who keeps the meeting focused (the scrum master) and you don’t let non-team members involved. This is the concept of chickens and … Read more


2007 – 2020 ePerformance is a leading provider of government grants and contributions management systems, leveraging Microsoft CRM and online portals to deliver powerful solutions. As a Developer and Analyst for ePerformance since 2007, Mr. MacNeill has provided detailed analysis specifications, written training materials, delivered solutions and integrated their iGrant CRM solution with online portals.

Advisor Media

1997-2007 Advisor Media is a division of Hawkins Media LLC, originally formed in 1968. Launched as Database Advisor in 1983, Advisor Media has been responsible for dozens of publication titles, decades of live seminars, conferences and trade shows in North American, Europe and Asia, and a variety of products. Advisor Media has partnered with leading companies including Apple, Borland … Read more

Figuring Out Your Project

(note: on the path to building a software product, there are lots of decisions to make – but perhaps the toughest is trying to decide what type of project /product you want to build. This post describes some of the issues involved – if you’ve got other ideas, agree or disagree, I’d love to hear … Read more

Nav Canada

1997 The NavCanada Flight Invoicing System was responsible for the corporation invoicing of aviation systems through Canadian airspace. As Project Manager and lead developer, Mr. MacNeill: Upgraded existing Transport Canada system to Windows-based system for use with newly created Crown Corporation Capture and documented existing application processes and mapped to new and evolving business changes … Read more


1996-1998 Exocom Systems was one of Ottawa’s premier consulting firms in the 1990’s, specializing in technologies from a number of vendors. Mr. MacNeill joined the Microsoft division and brought his expertise in development and analysis. His management and presentation skills at Microsoft-sponsored conferences helped Exocom become one of the first Microsoft Regional Directors in Ottawa. As … Read more