Our business philosophy is simple: Get It Done. Right.

Businesses today often spend thousands of dollars on consultants who set up shop in their offices and attempt to lead businesses, identifying new problems that need to be fixed – in short, making the consulting company a body shop, staying at the business often for years, building up projects but also a lot of hours. While there is always a need for scope planning and discussions, many businesses already have a solution in mind or know what problem they need to have resolved. This is when you need someone to come in who can get the job done quickly and correctly. This is why you contact AKSEL.

We can provide services both local to your area as well as remote and we have a network of associates who can help you in just about any geographic region. Our services include software development, project management, application upgrades, data analysis, developer mentoring/advising, developer training, end user training, technical writing and more.