You are NOT inadequate. Unless You Are.

Grabbed from Rick Borup

With all apologies to the secret geek!
You are NOT inadequate.: “YOU ARE NOT INADEQUATE.

* You do NOT have to refactor all your code. BUT it would certainly help if you had never written the spaghetti code in the first place.
* You do NOT have to keep up with the latest news from microsoft, and know everythnig there is to know about longhorn, whidbey, avalon, XAML, indigo and star wars III. But if you don’t, you run the risk of feeling very sheepish when Microsoft decides to rename all of the technologies (DNA->COM->COM+, FrontPage->Expression, etc) in a few months or years. Just remember to read up on the nearest locations around Washington and BC and pretend they are the latest product code-words. After all, Sammamish will be the latest build of Yakima which will run Whatcom after Whistler gets it Gonads, oops, I meant Monad back.
* You do not have to have perfectly de-coupled tiers in your technology independent SOA software. But don’t look for support afterwards from a software architect. After all, architects design solutions, they don’t actually build.
* You do not have to comply to every standard, achieve the perfect balance between maintainability and performance. Usability and familiarity. But if you don’t, the first time a new browser comes out, users will complain that you didn’t keep your software standardized, even though your application was written 5 years ago.
* You don’t have to do ‘first things first every day’ – But don’t rely on Outlook to remind you when you need to get it done.
* You DO NOT have to memorize and understand every pattern the gang of four have catalogued. But at least remember to drop their names every now and then – so it appears you don’t think Gamma and Helm is something Captain Kirk shot out in Star Trek.
* You do NOT have to read every technical blog, print out every technical article and learn every technical thing there is to learn. But be prepared to be asked about it on your next certification exam.
* You are beautiful just the way you are. And don’t change the color of your hair.
* You are brilliant, interesting, wise and fun to be around. Except when you drink, then you become even MORE brilliant, interesting and extremely funny to watch singing karaoke at the conference that is held right next door of the next technical conference you attend.
* You rock. I roll.

Sorry – just had to to do it!

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