Yag Moves On

I noted this from Alex Feldstein but Y. Alan Griver (yag), VSData guru at MS and Visual FoxPro CodeBook architect is moving out of the VSData group but will still work within the VFP group.

Instead he’s going to be working on the FUN stuff – the community projects, something that he knows all too well.

AND he introduces us to his own personal blog.

My thought on this? As noted above, he’s going where the fun is. Coming from the FoxPro community, he knows that this is where a lot of the absolutely amazing innovations will take place (no one at Fox or MS could have foreseen some of the cool stuff that those in the community have done – except until they all got hired by MS) – so I think it’s great that someone who KNOWS how to help foster innovation is moving into that area.

Am I attempting to spin this? Yes and no. 1) I’m trying to counteract what I’m sure a lot of people will say but also more importantly, I see this possibly being like a turf war about data vs. coding and with LINQ and the other data tools, the latest shots have been fired and now it’s time to really make the difference.

Where’s the best place to make the difference? Hopefully in his new role.

Looking forward to seeing his posts “on the new position, Visual FoxPro, life, the universe and everything.” (wait – I thought VFP was supposed to be everything?)