Windows Live Ideas � Page d’accueil de Andrew

Uh – how do I explain this to Americans…especially those who are behind building…

Just because someone is from Canada does NOT mean they only speak French.

I sign into thinking this will be the second coming (despite the reviews) – hmmm…decidely underwhelmed….but then I say, maybe what’s new will have something.

Oh they have something – in french. Now I’m not sure why – maybe because I said I wanted the weather in Ottawa, but the rest of the site is in English – is it something weird with my profile? (wouldn’t be the first time)

But worse – you can’t change it to English. What’s up with that? (and before you ask, YES my settings were set to English (UNITED STATES).

Anyways – I’ll hold off on final judgement but definitely underwhelmed. Even Google home page provides more right off the bat and that’s been out for a while….

Come on guys – EXCITE ME – the dev teams’ work on LINQ shows that you have a lot of exciting stuff coming – was Live worth the demo?

Gadgets are cool – uh, like Konfabulator and Google desktop….I’m with Dave.

“We need Google to get some serious competition, and Microsoft is one of the places that can come from. (Apple and Yahoo are the others.) But they’re going to have to do much more than they did today.”

Hmmm…maybe Office Live will be worth it. But based on what I’ve seen, they just aren’t getting it. Others may think otherwise so what am I missing?