Windows 2003 SP1 problems continue for others as well

Looks like I’m not the only one having problems with Service Pack 1 either….

Evan Erwee just commented that he is ALSO having problems “It killed SMS. No ASP is working”

Evan, I solved my problem the old fashioned way – I rolled back to a previous release. But the reports of the latest MS problems continue to grow. One of my client’s email server was down for 5 days (update – I did not upgrade this client to SP1 – rather their own IT admin did) , and as I noted previously, Microsoft’s own bCentral site had problems with emails.

Now granted, it’s impossible to expect MS to be able to test EVERY possible permutation. BUT the solution here is for their Service packs to actually DETAIL what they did and let people know how to fix individual pieces of it.

In my case, for example, what the heck did it do to ASP.Net to break it in the first place? Why didn’t it TELL me that it was going to Lock down my server (FWIW, Windows 2003 server tells you this as soon as you install it)

As a self-employed consultant/developer, I’ve got better things to do with my time than troubleshoot server problems (note: on what are essentially out of the box installations.)

Andrew MacNeill – AKSEL Solutions: Windows 2003 SP1 Broke My ASP.Net

2 thoughts on “Windows 2003 SP1 problems continue for others as well”

  1. You misunderstood – I’m not in charge of my client’s email systems nor did I upgrade them – I was simply relaying that other people also seem to have problems with the Service pack update.

    My expertise is in development – as an email user, I defer to those who are the experts in that regard, or those who should, as you so eloguently put it, “read the documentation before the upgrade.”

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