Why Too Many RSS Feeds May Not Be A Good Thing

Rick Borup notes that he’s reaching the point of information overload, even with RSS.

What is needed to make it easier to read 1000 RSS feeds a day? It would be useful if the News reader learned about the types of items that you DID read and then suggested key ones to you. (I can envision an interface similar to that of the Automatic Playlists in Windows Media player – feeds I read at night, feeds I read during the day, random pick, etc)

This might make it a little easier – it would also be useful if the NewsReader aggregates the feeds themselves – so that if 10 sites all referenced the same main story – it only appeared as one news item, instead of ten (but with 10 different “story comments”)

Hey Greg and Nick – you guys listening?

fiat volpes: Deja View, or Why Too Many RSS Feeds May Not Be A Good Thing

4 thoughts on “Why Too Many RSS Feeds May Not Be A Good Thing”

  1. Yes, we’re listening 🙂 I agree that RSS readers will need to do more to help with information overload. At the same time, we also need to make it easier for those new to RSS to get started.

  2. Glad to hear it.

    I agree – it’s tough to make it easier for newbies. (especially when everyone uses different file extensions to identify their RSS feed)

    I just had a colleague try to upgrade iTunes so they could listen to podcasts and it had to be reinstalled twice.

    Hopefully IE7 won’t take over the initiatives that you guys are planning.

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