Why Switch to Open Source?

Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger links to an interesting post about www.fellowshipchurch.com and the reasons for moving from Microsoft to OpenSource.

Something that struck me about it was this one statement:

“I have found it very difficult to find .NET web developers. In my experience, .NET developers tend to have worked in large teams focused on a very specific subset of the larger application, often the backend or data access layer. Very few have been comfortable working in a small team on everything from design to UI to security to backend.”

Certainly, nothing that MS is doing with pricing for devs is going to help this. If it costs a fortune to get all the architectural software to build a solution (see previous post on this), then the better solutions are going to be built by the small teams that can turn this around using the open tools at their disposal.

There are a number of DotNet devs that used to come from the Fox world where the lean, small team ruled. Sure, MS has to make $$ on their enterprise software – but it seems like they also need to come up with a leaner solution for smaller and/or charitable organizations.