Why PCs Do Not Make Good Gadget Makers

I think this CNET story hits it on the head: “reality still trails Microsoft’s ambitions”

I will say – I was very excited about the potential of Origami, a light-weight device that was as functional as a regular laptop but designed for hand-held use. An intelligent user interface, much like the one that appears to be happening with the Origami Program Launcher would be welcome for many businesses and end-users. But PC people who keep on thinking that users (even though this one is very positive about it) will shell out big bucks for these devices are just out of their heads.

It killed me this year to have to shell out over $600 for a mobile phone PDA when my original Blackberry only costs $189. Yea, I know Microsoft wanted to make the device under $500 – but just like Apple’s Newton (which was similarly overpriced), $800-$1100 (for Samsung’s Q1) is just way to ridiculous. Even if they had managed to offer ONE that was under $500 (as they did with the xBox), they could have saved some face.

But it did tell me one thing: I have no reason whatsoever to look at a Tablet PC. So with one swoop, MS managed to kill two products at once. The Tablet PC is still overpriced and now, they come out with this device which makes laptops even more attractive. Maybe even three if you consider that the Portable Media PCs may be a little cheaper but far less functional. And it’s not even Microsoft’s own.

Now don’t get me wrong – I would love an Origami device but at that price, Microsoft has just opened the door for a company who does understand gadget pricing ( and one that reminds me I need to eat some fruit today ) and now runs on the Intel platform to really shake up the world of portable devices. Or maybe someone else.

Too bad.

Reality check for the much-hyped Origami PC | CNET News.com