Why FoxPro Survives…

Quote from John Koziol: “I also wanted to get across how seriously we took customer wish lists and bug reports. For practical reasons, we had to say “no” to 10 suggestions for every one we took. Some people over time saw this as favoritism and I always felt bad about that and wanted to set that record straight.

Finally, at the Q&A, I wanted to stress that VFP survives and thrives not because of the amount of marketing that MS does for it, but on the sheer ingenuity and professionalism of VFP developers. And that’s going to always be that way. The community does not give itself enough credit, IMHO.”

John – great post (hidden among other comments) – hopefully that makes a lot of things more understandable.

I remember a Devcon when one dev said “that’s my ER!” – and it was a true sentiment – yes, many others may have had a similar ER – but it is truly an awesome feeling when you see your input received.

This is why VFPX exists (and VFPY for that matter) …to ensure every VFP developer who has an idea, contributes it and works to make it real.

(reminds me…where is that Code Analyst anyways?)

John, you may feel the need to get sign-off from Milind (thank you and welcome), Calvin (thank you), Richard (thank you), Ken and Yag and everyone on the FoxTeam, but we don’t – thank you for your valuable posts.

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