Who was that masked man? (correction)

– UPDATE: It was Tod Neilsen –

In Fox Show #28, I was commenting on how Jon Sigler is now working a FileMaker and there was another name from the past who was front and center at a recent Oracle Developer’s conference. In the show, I threw out the name Robert Green, which is wrong. Ken Levy has pointed that out to me.

But does anyone recall the news story? So much for the power of Google and search – it was a very short story but the essence was “developers must have done a double-take when they saw ________ at the recent Oracle conference”

Thanks for the correction, Ken – now who was that masked man? It was Tod Nielsen.

See here and here – uh, unless you can read Chinese you won’t have much luck with that last one – but funny enough, the English version didn’t turn up on Google but hey wow! Google’s translation did a good job – “Tod Nielsen is the Oracle whole world sale support and market department vice- President”.

Too bad I can’t find the original story.