Who is Frank and why is he against VFP?

Not sure — but Craig’s fighting back with his latest promo, which when it started reminded me of the Matrix.

I also like the first one.

The issue now though is – what to do with them?

A few ideas here:
1 – Related animated GIF versions that sit on web sites (ya, kind of 90’s but they do remind people of the product)

2 – Have a VFP day a la Dean Gray where every VFP site shows a clip

3 – Burn CDs/DVDs that start with one of those clips and then contain :
a) the Learning VFP library
b) the latest VFP runtimes
c) samples of popular applications written in VFP
d) sample versions of developer tools (anything that’s available in shareware)
e) industry related posts about VFP.

and send these CDs/DVDs to companies that you know used to work in VFP and have since stopped.

d) – what do you think should be done? Let’s discuss on the SednaX Site.

Who knows … maybe Microsoft would help in getting a list of those companies but that may be unlikely since VFP registrations are now bundled with MSDN registrations.

UPDATE: MS can’t help with getting the list because of privacy policy which is a GOOD thing. Besides typically it’s the developers who register a product (if they even do that anymore) so it’s really a matter of better targeting.

Another UPDATE: OK – so now that Craig has to modify his music and logo (I should have warned him about the music but since I didn’t have speakers I couldn’t hear it) – we need a community FoxPro logo.