Where is Sedna?

OK – this is getting a little long now…unless Microsoft is saving it as a Christmas gift for December 24th. It’s now been 1 month since the release of XSource for SP2, 2 months since the dbi Controls have been available, 2 months since the release of SP2, 3 months since I spoke with Rick/Doug who thought everything was on track for Sedna, 6 months since the last beta (even though Doug has been posting bits and pieces) and still we don’t have the new pieces.

I thought maybe it would be a stealth upload to Codeplex but no. All that’s there is the slow but steady updates to VFPX.

Lisa’s doing missing documentation…and I’m sure most of the Fox team has gone off to their other new areas…but surely someone is still at home getting ready to put Sedna to bed…anyone?

1 thought on “Where is Sedna?”

  1. Andrew,

    I’ve been wondering about Sedna, too. Frankly, I’ve been disgusted with Microsoft’s treatment of Visual FoxPro ever since “the announcement”.

    VFP has always been the red-headed stepchild of the MS development tools — but lately it seemd to have simply fallen off the map.

    VERY disappointing, to say the least.


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