Where Have I Been?

Wow – there’s been so much information going on in the FoxPro community over the past week and I’ve been extremely quiet (we lost a beloved pet on November 4th and it’s been a bit harder than one might expect).

Craig and Rick have done an excellent job covering the German Developer Conference where Rainer received a Lifetime Achievement Award (congrats Rainer). As Rick noted in an earlier post, there needs to be a more active awareness campaign on VFPX, likely with Codeplex across the board. I know that Alan Stevens has uploaded his VfPX MSBuild Project and there are so many other little projects that COULD be in there.

I see that Craig Boyd has also started a countdown and that Cathy is now blogging (thanks to Doug and Rick’s post on this).

Now….back to blogging more regularly…

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  1. My condolences on your loss. Pets are major members of the family, and their loss can be pretty traumatic. I miss the pets who have gone before me. Treasure the good memories. Sorry to hear of your sorrow.

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