What’s New in Visual FoxPro 9.0 – What’s Missing

Ken’s blog notes some of the key features they will be promoting on Visual FoxPro 9.

The list looks complete except it doesn’t mention one of the key productivity features that will be instantly used by many applications is the new Auto-Complete feature (Toni Feltman covers this in the July issue of FoxPro Advisor (the article’s not online but should be) — FoxPro Advisor!

Auto-Complete is a single property setting that can be turned on and INSTANTLY makes data entry easy for end-users.

There are a number of other extra settings for it , including the ability to specify the AutoComplete file that gets created. (hint: set the AutoCompTable property)

The AutoCompSource property specifies the value that will be used to lookup the autocomplete value. (if left empty, it uses the name of the object)

The file structure of the lookup table looks like this:

SOURCE Char(20)

Data Char(254)

Count Int –

Weight Int

Created – Date/Time

Updated – Date/Time


What’s New in Visual FoxPro 9.0 Beta