What would you do?

After reading
Bawling over bowling, I am reminded greatly of Julie Leung’s presentation at Gnomedex (2005) – I only heard it but appreciated its candor.

Other people who blog can appreciate the benefits of putting out personal stuff out in the open – where many others cannot.

Thank you for sharing. And of driving home a point

“If I have a chance to look at a screen and comprehend what it says, keep me alive. Otherwise please don’t perform heroic measures to keep me alive.

I’d rather be kept alive only if there’s some chance of a decent quality of life.

How about you? What would you like your family to do? Why don’t you write it down and tell them? Tonight.

What would you do differently if you had only 1,000 breaths to take?”

One person, a thousand miles away, touches a thousand more, all around the world. Technology at its finest.