What Role Are You Doing?

The FoxShow is one of my FoxPro and development business-related podcast. The latest episode (issue, cast, whatever) had an interesting piece that a colleague suggested I share in other areas as well.

It starts about 8 minutes into it and talks about how even though every one may have a different title in a company, when it comes to customers, EVERYONE is a sales person, a support person and a developer.

Part of this comes from the Return on Customer book I’m reading but it’s also something that I think many people see in their every day life.

You’re always selling something – an idea, a product, a service, a design methodology

You’re always supporting something – same as above

and everyone is always developing something – it may be an idea, a software product, a hardware product, – you’re always trying to take it and make it into something more.

The key takeaway – if you see someone in your organization that isn’t thinking this way, then think of the consequences. Do you want that person speaking for you in front of others?

The FoxShow

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