What I Want From NewsGator

You know – I was going to simply email the support site but if their support email line is anything like mine – it gets overloaded with SPAM and people may not have a chance to read it for days. So I figured I would post it instead – maybe there’s a solution already around (Chris Pirillo pointed me to FetchLinks before he switched over to full text RSS)

Anyways, I’m really getting into the Feedstation beta, which automatically downloads items from Newsgator and then syncs them with Windows Media player – which is awesome.

While I still use iPodder for my downloads, I haven’t synced them with my Pocket PC for about 3 weeks since I’ve been using Feedstation. (I’ll bet that’s making some interesting stats for some one). The place where I’m finding most of the interesting shows is Dave’s list.

The problem is that I have about 243 feeds (and a bunch more that I want to add) so I try to organize them into folders via Newsgator Online (and then it syncs it with Newsgator Outlook) to make it easier to find them.

But when I use the Subscribe in Newsgator feature – it automatically adds each new feed into the root folder which means I then have to go and organize it. It would be so much easier if when I chose that option, I could select the folder and then have it go into there.

When I try to sync up my Podcasts, I just go to my Podcasts folder and peruse the list. I wanted to add in all my TechPodcasts.com links and with over 50 feeds, I would have to organize all of those.

By the way, the OPML for TPN isn’t going properly into Newsgator – I’m going to see what’s up with that (right now, I’m manually adding in each show – ugh!).
Update: I manually downloaded the OPML from TechPodcasts and changed the Text tags to title and the url tags to xmlURL and they loaded properly into Newsgator.

Now if only Microsoft could get Sync and Go to support MP3 (why they chose to only do WMA is just stupid)
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