Web Sites Driven by Visual FoxPro

I recently did two articles for FoxPro Advisor looking at Active FoxPro Pages and West Wind. At the time, I was looking for other web frameworks for FoxPro. Now it seems – I can’t stop finding new ones.

FoxWeb and ActiveVFP.

If you know of others, please drop me a line as I am continuing the series of reviews on these web-frameworks iin the magazine.

Perhaps just as interesting, there seems to be a call for the Fox team to pick one and integrate it directly into Sedna – since the Universal Thread doesn’t let you do direct links to individual topics, I’ll just point you to the main site. It’s under VFP – Sedna.

And John Koziol made a clarification on the UT regarding what Sedna (the next thing in the works by the Fox Team after VFP 9 SP1) will or will not be.

“As to how Sedna is created regarding the runtimes, the core binaries, and other components of VFP9, it’s too early to make a definitive statement either way. Our goal is to leverage upcoming MS technologies for VFP developers to as fully exploit them as possible.

Ideally, we can do this with external modules, seemlessly, with the minimal changes to VFP core components. Why? For one reason, it’s because it allows us to do things without introducing risk and allows us to increasingly make the core more and more robust.”

Thanks John for clearing up some confusion. It’s funny – I caught myself using the “t” word (transparency) recently as well with a client – while it’s great that Microsoft is really trying to be as open and transparent as possible – the word is DEFINITELY getting overused. I wonder if these guys have gotten more business out of it yet.