Visual FoxPro, SQL, Linux and Windows – What the first LinuxOnly store reminds me of…

(ok – so I couldn’t get a good title for this post)

Interesting article from Linspire about Linux trying to break into the big-box chain support for Microsoft and Windows.

It sounded really good until you see the picture of the place. I’m sure it’s a nice place but it would have been better to get a bit nicer picture. I was expecting to see the comparison between a Microsoft aisle and a Linux aisle. Anyways…

The store is here: Sub300 and I’m sure it will do very well.

I also read an interesting post in the Wiki about comparing Visual FoxPro and the other MS databases. Of course, Microsoft doesn’t make money on Visual FoxPro applications like it does on SQL Server (that’s what happens with a royalty free runtime) but I draw the comparison (and it’s a very big stretch of a comparison) to Linux/Windows and their costs. The Visual FoxPro community has always been extremely vocal (so much to the point that it’s great to see that members of that community doing well in the other MS areas (kudos Yag and Ken) and inspiring that type of community spirit. The entire blog community is also huge and growing. I’m not being all “touchy feely” about the community idea – but rather that it’s GREAT to see positive enthusiasm in both camps.

And so what I see in Windows and Linux are two different communities, and the louder and more complimentary group to date are certainly the Linux people (I won’t even begin to talk about the Apple community which has always been more vocal and greater than both). People like Scoble and others are certainly trying to change that at Microsoft – ensuring that people see Microsoft not just as the big target, but as people who are genuinely excited about their technology.

Enough of nay-sayers, put the products out there and let the best win. – Michael’s Minutes