Virtual FoxFest 2022 Coming up

In October 2022, Virtual FoxFest returns and if past events are any indication, there should be a lot of great sessions for FoxPro developers who want to ensure their skills are ready for what’s happening in the development world. From supporting legacy applications to moving existing applications into the web-based world, Tamar, Doug and Rick have always done an amazing job at this conference. But what makes the conference is the wide breadth of topics and that relies on you.

You may not think you have something valuable to share but in my experience, there are very few developers who have not come across idiosyncrasies or paradigms that shift their way of thinking about specific problems. These are the things that developers tend to say “it’s a one-off” but you might be surprised. So share that knowledge with others. The VFF team will help ensure your content is valuable and it’s a great opportunity to build up your online presentation skills, something that everyone has had to improve over the past few years.

More details can be found here.