VFPx Showcase: Control Renamer

When speaking about VFPx at last year’s Southwest Fox conference, it became evident that there aren’t a lot of avenues for finding out how to use various pieces of VFPx. So as part of the FoxShow, I’m creating videos designed to showcase VFPx components, starting with the Control Renamer.

If you have ever wanted to rename a control in a class or form but were hesitant because of missing other code references, the Control Renamer is definitely a tool you want to try.

Now, there are lots of areas where new options can be added into this tool – but they are primarily “extras” like setting color settings or some logging.

Check it out below!

1 thought on “VFPx Showcase: Control Renamer”

  1. Andrew–Thanks so much for doing that. I actually built that builder because I needed it for a project I was working on. I’m hoping this summer to have time to start enhancing it. Anyone who has suggestions should post them on the VFPX site.

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