VFPX: New PEM Editor Beta Now Available

If you haven’t downloaded the latest PEM Editor from VFPX, you’re definitely missing out.

Instead of the traditional tiny dialog to add properties and methods, the new PEM Editor gives you literally everything at your fingertips. See here:

It’s not just a good replacement for adding, it’s also a fairly good replacement for the Property sheet as well. It’s also starting to add features that VS developers have had in their IDE but VFP never got them.

Some immediate highlights (not just from this release but overall):
a) ability to mark properties as favorites globally (so any instance of those properties regardless of form becomes a favorite)
b) Dockable and resizeable
c) highlight inherited and custom code and properties with colors
d) Go To Definition
e) Extract to Method – kind of like instant refactoring

Not only that but PEMEditor features the funky VFPX-Powered logo, which I think needs to become standard for all VFPX IDE controls.

Great job!