VFP Videos

If you haven’t downloaded them yet, take a flip over to Google Video and just go here. In fact, even if you have, do so! They’re great videos!

Courtesy of Kevin Ragsdale, it looks like there’s a pretty catchy VFP tune there.

Hey Kev – mind if I use it as well for future FoxShows?

I loved the Project DOA one – is that video clip that you used public domain?

1 thought on “VFP Videos”

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the kind words!

    Of COURSE you can use the music (if you get it from STOCK20.COM) for the FoxShow.

    I’d like to see that little clip (Metallicated) become synonomous with Visual FoxPro.

    The movie clip was from a public domain movie called D.O.A. (one of my favorites from the golden age).

    I downloaded it from the Internet Archive, then did a screen record through Camtasia and converted it to AVI.

    Not too bad for a 5 year-old laptop, eh? 🙂

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