VFP SP2 Released

David Stevenson noted it at 1 this morning – but I saw it on ProFox from Michael Hawksworth. Service Pack 2 for VFP has been released. Interesting to note that XSource hasn’t been included for this release but will be coming later – my guess would be as part of the entire Sedna download but who knows…I can now look forward to upgrading all my systems. As David notes, don’t install this over previous betas but only over the live system.

Direct link is here.
The Fix list is here.
Congrats to the Fox team for getting this release out.

I wish there had been a little more in the letter from Milind, seeing as this will be the last EXE of VFP from Microsoft but for the community and end-users, this is a great step. Now, (as Mike Feltman noted on the FoxShow) there is ONE static, stable version of the product – no more “wait for the next SP” as we hear from so many other items.

What we do with it now is in our hands…

Visual FoxPro – Letter from the Editor

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