VFP 9 SQL and Industry Standards (by John Koziol)

John Koziol is calling on the FoxPro community to bang on the new SQL features in the Visual FoxPro 9 beta.

I posted a few of those changes yesterday and there are more to come.

If you’ve got a lot of tables, try it out.

John – one thing that was commented by Frank Camp was that with the removal of all these limitations, the amount of code that can be on a single line is going to be an issue. The max length is still 8192 characters and if you have to specify the individual fields, it’s going to be an issue. I don’t usually post ERs on the blog but the one thing I would hate to see in code is:

lc = “SELECT ” + lcFlds + ” from ” +lcFrom + “…..”


He also singled out Aleksey Tsingauz and David Anderson for their efforts on this.

It’s great to learn more about who’s making up the “handful of earnest” guys – instead of just the usual suspects we always hear about. Keep it up John!

VFP 9 SQL and Industry Standards (by John Koziol)

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  1. Thanks for mentioning Frank’s comment.

    In our (Frank’s and my) case, we create the views in xCase, so we aren’t pasting parts of the SQL together; but we then modify it in various ways, programatically, before generating it. And in the end, it becomes &lcSQL, of course.

    We were among those pushing for increasing the 9-join limit (since the VFP7 beta); but without a mechanism to programatically generate what we are capable of creating, it will be mostly for naught.

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