Version 1.0 – WinForms Blues

I was wondering how long it might take for these types of comments to start rolling in, if at all.

DotNet is still a very young product, despite all of the experience MS may have gleaned from its other Dev products. One comment on Rick’s blog was “pain=opportunity” but this is where developers really have to start getting tougher.

While we’re all waiting for the next generation interface, a lot of us still have to build Windows-based applications. If the latest and greatest tools don’t make it easier, then the existing tools that have served us well in the past (read VFP for me) will continue to be the tools of choice.

Are they the most current? Maybe not but the ongoing development on these products by MS shows that there is some intelligent reasoning as to why VFP wasn’t thrown into the whole DotNet package and why DotNet may not be the only solution to every problem.

Do they still run that “who can build an app the fastest” contest at the conferences? Who has won recently?

Interesting way to look at it but : Latest + Greatest != Fastest+Best

I’m sure they’ll get it right (or the third party market will) but it certainly doesn’t make for an appetizing reason to make the switch for all existing apps. Best rule is still : find the best tool for the job that will get it done right the first time and allow for changes the next time.

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