VB + VFP = VB.Net 9?

Ken’s latest blog entry raises some interesting points – 1) he’s taking part in a chat on VB 9 Language Enhancements on Nov 1. We all know that the VFP team is working with the other groups especially as it pertains to data so this may be a good opportunity to hear more about it.

But perhaps more importantly is the following comment:

Parts of Sedna will be written in VB 9.0, and our current plans are to include all of the source code (VFP, VB, C++, etc.) of Sedna with Sedna.

And then considering his comment in the October newsletter about attempts to make aspects of the VFP source available and then also possibly making a change in the EULA to make it distributable…

Combine that with the SednaX project and you have a very COOL open community (not open source) initiative.

It will be interesting to see what (if any) other features from VFP show up in the VB 9 language.

1 thought on “VB + VFP = VB.Net 9?”

  1. No, it won’t be VB.Net 9…. .Net is being phased out and beginning with Visual Studio 2005 will only exist in ADO.Net and ASP.Net. There will no longer be a VB.Net or a Visual Studio .Net

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