Using VFP to fight crime and help police

Some FoxPro developers may be familiar with the WASP application that was featured as a Microsoft case study. Well, John Harvey has started coming back to his blog (FoxPro USA) and lets us know what he’s been up to.

Best quote:
Most of the new development is supposed to be done in dot net, but
there’s this thing called “get it done” or “just make it work, now”.
So, enter VFP and Web Connection(thank you Rick Strahl).

What’s very cool though is how little things are making a big difference and how easy it is for FoxPro to help do it.

Yes – any other tool could do it – but the point here is that you have a subject matter expert (John) combining his development tools to offer solutions that are of value to a large group of people.

Consulting companies often take the approach that things have to be complicated or very lengthy time-wise to build the best solution. This is where you hear end-users complain about “change requests” even for the smallest things (like changing a hotkey) – and then wonder where these companies get a bad rep.

Many times, it’s the fast and simple approaches to solutions that make a huge difference.

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