3 thoughts on “Using the CommandBars library”

  1. Andrew,

    Cool demo of the CommandBars. I had one question though…how well does it integrate/hook into the VFP menu?

    By that I mean, does it automatically know things like when to enable/disable the menu options like Cut, Copy, Paste, etc. the way VFP’s native menu does? You are well aware that the latter has the smarts built into it to determine which menu and items are applicable when say I highlight some text in an editbox control.

    What about context sensitive/shortcut menus?

  2. Andrew,

    I really enjoyed your narrated screen presentation of how to use the CommandBars product.


    Malcolm Greene

  3. Here are some comments from the author:

    Sorry for the delay with reply. I was out several days and had no chance to read my e-mail and to write you.

    Yes, it is possible to enable/disable menu items (Cut, Copy, Paste, etc) automatically. The SkipFor property was designed especially for that.
    For sample, if the SkipFor property contains “SkpBar(“_MEDIT”,_MED_CUT)” value, the Cut menu item will be automatically enabled/disabled, like native Cut menu item works.

    Developers can easy create context sensitive/shortcut menus, samples provided with the library contain simple shortcut menu example (PopupMenu1 on Form1). To activate that menu all they have to do just call the ShowPopupMenu method of the CommandBarsManager object. For sample, the RightClick method of the cntClientArea object of the Form1 contains the following code:
    ThisForm.CBM.ShowPopupMenu( ThisForm.PopupMenu1)

    Please let me know if you, or someone else, have other questions.



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