Using Online Bug Trackers within VFP

If you use one of the various online or web-based bug tracking systems (DragNet, BugCentral, etc), add it to your VFP task pane to make it easier to access.
1. Bring up the Task Pane.
2. Click on Options and go to the Task Pane Manager.
3. Click on Customize and go to the Customize Panes section.
4. Add a new pane as a  Web Page.
5. Click to the Data Tab and enter the URL for the web site.
6. Click Save and you’re all set up!
Now when you bring up the Task Pane, you can go directly to your bug tracking system and have it available to you while you work directly within Visual FoxPro!
At first I thought about simply trying to hook into the SQL Server database and link all the bugs to the VFP Task List but this way, I’m still using the online component but I have access to my items quickly and easily. Yet another way to stay completely in my VFP IDE and still use other tools at the same time.