Uninstalling Previous Beta Versions

Ah , the perils of beta software. I had installed a few earlier builds of VS 2005 on an older machine and was finally getting around to upgrading it. Unfortunately every attempt to install updates resulted in “You must uninstall the beta version first”.

Looking in Add/Remove proved fruitless. Nothing was listed there. Yet there was something in my registry or something lying around.

Thankfully, there was this page with a direct link to this auto-uninstall tool. Solved the problem right away.

Do they have something like this for the IE 7 Beta 1? It’s completely hosed my laptop and reinstalling SP2 and more just won’t cut it. (updated: reinstalling WinXP finally resolved the problem but what a pain!)

I think the Fox team needs to expand their horizons and get EVERY team at Microsoft to support upgrading over beta versions. VFP 9 was a dream for this. Too bad the regular OS components aren’t.

Uninstalling Previous Versions