Understanding Buffering in Visual FoxPro

Don’t understand Buffering?

You’re not alone – Andy Kramek gives the whole low-down as to the hows and whys but still doesn’t explain why the functions are named the way they are.

As he states

“For example, to set buffering for a Visual FoxPro DBF file (which is a table) we have to use the heavily overloaded CURSORSETPROP() function. Why not a separate, unambiguous, “SetBufferMode()” function? To confirm a pending transaction, the command is END TRANSACTION. Why not “COMMIT” as in every other database language – a choice which is even more peculiar since the standard ‘ROLLBACK’ command is used to reverse a transaction?”

Could have been worse – we could have to issue a

SYS(2011,3) or something else that would have made Ken proud.