Touring Visual FoxPro with PodCasts, Blogcasts or webcasts

I’ve been taking advantage of my new SDRAM card with my iPaq and catching up with Adam Curry’s podcasts as well as others (Carl Franklin’s DotNet Rocks). (I would watch the blogcasts on channel 9 but it’s not generally recommended to watch video while driving). I’ve tried both iPodder and Doppler with great success.
I know that Doug did a web cast on some of the new reporting and VisionData has done some others here: but I’m thinking of something maybe a little more interactive. Ya, and Ken’s overview with Scoble was nice but we need more. I’m especially thinking of other developers like John Jones who don’t get the opportunity to get to conferences.
Where are the Visual FoxPro ___casts? I’ll find them or I’ll be asking you to collaborate on some.