The Transient Web

Great post by Steve Rubel about The Transient Web

His main point? “Only one site, eBay, seems to have retained users over the past ten years. And that’s because they listened to their community and innovated. Google, so far, has done the same. But will they?

If you read the comments, you’ll see that some of his examples aren’t as persuasive as others, but I think you’ll get the point.

In the development world, the same could be said. Fifteen years ago, you programmed other MS applications with DDE. Now you do it with VBScript, COM or other tools. You used to write code with C, maybe C+, and Basic. Now you do it with C#, Java, VB.Net or any number of other languages. You used to swear by (or at) the Waterfall methodology, now everything is agile.

What’s the same? Oh yeah – the power found in a FoxPro application.

I know there are other technologies that are still around (and in use) from 15 years ago. What are the ones you can think of?

Wonder what we’ll be using 15 years from now.