The revolution should be ,um, streamed

Hey Craig – as you go out on the VFP World Domination tour, (love the name), do us all a favor and record it.

I know it’s always tough recording a session – but tools like GoToMeeting make it easier for others to come on and see it, OR you can use the free Windows Media Encoder to do it.

This brings me up to one of my gripes about the various user groups. You guys are getting great speakers and great topics all around yet you aren’t letting the rest of the VFP world know about it afterwards.

FoxIte will let you set up a blog quickly and easily – you can do your part with VFP World Domination by setting one up and making your reviews or coverages of your meetings available to all.

If any user group leader has never taken part in recording a session like this, drop me an email and I’ll set one up to show you how it can be done. It takes very little time and it’s worth it for everyone.

Since I’m doing “shout outs”, this goes double for conference organizers (but I think I’m repeating myself)
SPS Weblog – VFP World Domination Tour (cont.)

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  1. I’m hoping to capture some screencasts, if not video of the Fox Forward conference. I dropped you an email yesterday. Did you happen to get it?

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