The Other Shoe…

Ah the joy of watching an end user use your application. Glad to see MS still does it. It’s one of my favorite parts of building applications.
It isn’t just about knowledge transfer from the “guru” to the “learner” – it works the other way too. I got an idea for a new feature in one product after watching my wife, Trish, simply try out a product. All of the assumptions and “learned” behavior go right out the window and instead, you’re left with thinking “how can I make this process easier?” while still “how do I ensure the user is learning?”.

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  1. I just read your opinion about using Visual Foxpro posted on 2003 – october !

    I am living in Canada and here it is impossible to find a job for Visual Foxpro !

    Even when i found a job they ask a lot many other stuff !

    BUT : How can i be a very good programmer in visual foxpro if i MUST learn how to use other king of programming languages ?

    When you go hospital you want an specialist in something ( for heart , liver or something else – isn’t it ?) not a doctor who knows about many but little from many !

    How is better ?

    my email address is

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