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My favorite Mind Mapper tool , Mind Manager has a blog that’s been out for a while. I saw that one of their main guys (Hopie) is talking at Gnomedex and he linked to the blog.

Now, my real question: WHY Can’t I get an OPML export out of MindManager?

I’m running the older version but I really want to start using MindManager for my FoxShow – I figure I should be able to do something with the scripting api but alas, all of the links to the older MindManager 2002 files have been removed from the site. Guess it’s time to upgrade.

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The Mindjet Blog

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  1. Francois,

    That’s great – I just wrote an export for OPML – just wished it would work with MM2002 (which is the version I have).

    But don’t you think these things should be built directly IN the product?

    As someone who is embracing OPML and RSS in virtually every application, I do.

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