The Microsoft Code

When I started reading this, I was worried it would get really long (and possibly boring). At 6 chapters, it’s short, sweet and just down-right funny. A hilarious send-off of the Da Vinci Code right at Microsoft.

The funniest exchange (abridged) – a discussion on the user interface choices in Microsoft products:

“It should be easy to rotate, I think it’s here on the Format menu, you just choose Font or Paragraph. Hmm, there is no Paragraph choice…”

“Maybe it’s on the Edit menu, under Object.”

The level 71 developer clicked a couple of times. “Object just highlights it. It’s probably somewhere on the Format menu. Is it Alignment? No, that’s just left/right/center.”

“Let’s try the Text Box option on the Format menu,” “Great, it’s a modal dialog with tabs. What about the Position tab?”

“Hey, what about the Text Box tab. Of course, we’ll have a dialog called Text Box and then put a tab called Text Box on it. Oh look, you can rotate the text by 90 degrees, but not 180 degrees.”

“What about the Size tab?”

“The Size tab? Why would rotation be on a tab called Size? Never mind, here it is on the Size tab.

Quick and easy to read and just down-right funny.

So who is Mini anyways?

Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters: The Microsoft Code: Chapter 6

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