That Darn Outlook PST (Chris Pirillo)

I’m with Chris on this one. Case in point: my server hard drive was getting close to full so I decided to clean up some stuff.

Removed about 10 GB of storage. Now I try to load up Outlook that runs with 4 different PSTs, NewsGator, Tasklineand the new Google and MSN search.

And wait….and wait…and wait…

So I cancel it out. It says “Newsgator is to blame” so I disable that.

Now I try again. and wait and wait and wait….

Makes me glad that I use gmail as my email backup and forward all emails there – at least I won’t be completely OUT of pocket.

And all this after I’ve rebuilt my PSTs in the past 2 months.

I realize Chris notes that he was close to the 2GB limit – but me? I’m talking two or three PSTs that are under 500MB each. Maybe Outlook is still choking because of the TOTAL MB.

My big concern right now is that even though I use Newsgator online – what happens if these great posts disappear off the web? I always like to have them at least in archive format.

Anyone found a news aggregator for Thunderbird? Oh yeah, I forgot – it already HAS one built into it.

That Darn Outlook PST (Chris Pirillo)