Ted Takes on Patents and MS Practices

Even though Scoble also posts about it here, I always find Ted’s links a little more illuminating and insightful. It’s not a “pro-MS” view point but the more points of view, the more informed we all can be. As Ted notes, “The irony is that Microsoft is likely to violate just as many patents, if not orders of magnitude more, but that’s a lot tougher to determine with closed-source software.”

Actually, I thought Ted’s best post on patents was the one on Poland‘ in which he says

“Software patents are an abomination: licensing an idea, instead of the implementation of an idea (the latter is what copyrights are). Patents will chill the software development marketplace and reserve software development for the big companies that can afford patent lawyers. Stealing another programmers copywritten code is theft; building on another programmers code is progress.”

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