Ted Roche – Building SourceSafe Activity Reports using VFP

Ted hasn’t updated this yet but his code for generating weekly activity reports from Visual SourceSafe is going to help me out plenty.

We had to make some adjustments for databases that are not stored in the root directory (mine are stored in another folder). As a result, the batch file looks something like this:

SET SSDIR = C:my documentssourcesafe

SET vssexedir = “C:program filesmicrosoft visual studiovsswin32ss”

%VSSEXEDIR% history $/ -R -vd07/08/2005~07/01/2005 -B -O@History.txt

Now I can get to work on converting this to an RSS feed.

By the way, Ted’s work is licensed with Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License,

If you use it, great. If you fix it, pass the fixes along using the same license. A great approach for offering code.

Ted’s Radio Weblog