Ted on past paths of Microsoft

This was an older post (from the 15th) but for some reason it shows up as an updated note in Newsgator but I’m glad it did. Great reading and reminder for those who continue to put all of their eggs in one basket.

As I noted in Ted’s comments, this is why it’s important to build your solution architecture so that you can switch technology where needed. Microsoft isn’t the only one who does this – but certainly Visual Studio’s CLR makes it much easier to switch between different languages.

But it’s still challenging to do so many things that are easier in other tools (er, um, Visual FoxPro ) – this is why the work that the Fox team and others are doing to make it easier for VFP developers to harness the “Good” stuff from DotNet is so important.

Ted Roche: The Old Microsoft Internet Head Fake?

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  1. Thanks for the link, ARM.

    The blog post showed up due to republishing my blog, but you’re pointing to a (badly configured) echo of the blog on Blogspot; the correct web site is http://radio.weblogs.com/0117767. The BlogSpot site is a temporary one created with the RadioAtomBridge, and it’s buggy and not working out well and will probably be discontinued.

    Re: Switching languages in DotNet: switching from VB.NET to C#.NET is, to use your metaphor, switching eggs in the same basket. I find your claim that Microsoft allows you to switch to be incongruous. What other vendors or platforms offer language portability for DotNet code on the level of C, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc?

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