TechPodcasts Roundtable TPRU-2005-07-023

We had an interesting discussion during the RoundTable about what needs to be done to see RSS better integrated and what makes a good web application. While we’re waiting for the next big OS that changes the way we all work (maybe Google should be making an OS (?!), it certainly seems to be the case that the major companies (not just MS or Apple, but also PeopleSoft, Oracle, etc) need to start better supporting RSS or at least thinking of how to use it better.

One interesting site we briefly discussed was which talking about blogging when in fact, I think it really should be talking about structured RSS, along the same lines that Microsoft is for Windows Vista.

The site offers a WordPress plug in that supports different views for different types of posts. – TechPodcasts Roundtable TPRU-2005-07-023