SWFox: Evil Mastermind Wins Again!

One of the great sponsor giveaways at Southwest Fox was a 5-user license of SourceGear’s Fortress. I’ve used Vault and Fortress but still stick with Source OffSite as our main development is handled through SourceSafe. Both work great with VFP. But the best part was in the conference bag: Evil Mastermind 2nd Exciting Issue!

Best quotes:
“You’re a sales guy…if anyone understands evil, it’s a sales guy”

“I want…I want…I want….and I want 5000 t-shirts!”

“We’ve got lots of masterminds using our products…I’m sure at least some of them are a little bit evil…I guess”

Kudos to Eric and the SourceGear team for another fun issue and great job, Southwest Fox team (was that you, Rick?) at getting the great swag!

SourceGear | Fortress