Steve wants to replace the common controls

Hmm…this looks interesting. Steve’s just reported that he’s submitted his VFP Common Controls replacement library to the SednaX group.

Hey Steve- why not show us a sample with a screencast?

Between this and Carlo’s excellent Status bar control, we’ll have updated UIs in our applications in no time!

2 thoughts on “Steve wants to replace the common controls”

  1. Thanks for the blog mention! 🙂

    Can you provide some links on how to easily create a screencast (hopefully free if possible)?

    I’ve not had much time to investigate, but would love to get into it.


  2. We could do a screen cast via GoToMeeting if you like (almost an interview style).

    For free, you can use the Windows Media Encoder (available for free from MS) – it’s a bit hokey to get use to using but once the video is done, you can then edit it with Windows Movie Maker (free with Windows XP).

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