Star Office: why can’t they get save as html right?

Just a little rant but I just was saving a Word document in Star Office (a complimentary copy from Sun for attending one of their seminars). I then took the document and saved it as HTML.

Everything looked great in Star Office but posted it on my White papers site and the result?

All the text was centered.

I don’t mind a few formatting changes but when they say “Formatting changes may not be retained” – wouldn’t that mean LEFT-aligned?

Maybe this is why OpenOffice is the better choice (I’ll install that after removing StarOffice) but for the interim, I’m installing MS Office as my primary office tool.


1 thought on “Star Office: why can’t they get save as html right?”

  1. The many versions of Microsoft Office I’ve used to save HTML don’t save very pretty HTML, either. I’ve still got a few papers on the site with silly things like that, too. On the to-do list…

    I ended up with right alignment; I’ll bet it’s failing to close an in-line style call in the region of the byline. I’d also suspect it may just be a failure in the template as much as the translations. .. Found it! In my case, the default P style in the header was defined with text-align: right. Changed that to left (using the most accurate HTML editor I’ve ever found, Notepad 🙂 and it seems to be working.

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