Speedie Memories:: Rest in Peace, Drew and Brent —

A variety of memories of Drew and Brent have been filling the web the past few days.

I often think of Drew when I think of frameworks and approaches, not just because of MaxFrame but because he had a great way of completely disagreeing with someone without making it personal – instead he made it humourous.

I remember he joked about possibly being put on a “do not invite” list for an Advisor conference after making negative comments about the Fox team’s updates for the grid. His actual sessions were always packed with both attendees and information, and he was always there at other sessions, showing how much he was willing to give and still willing to learn more from others.

I appreciated so much when he would come into one of my sessions and participate through questions and comments, envigorating a room. It amazed me that even when at the back of a room, writing notes for his next session or supporting other users on new features in FoxPro, he was always aware of what was going on and participated.

And by his side, almost always, was Brent, watching, learning, coding and with them both, just as often, Irene. I first met him at the International Database Interchange in 1993 and looked forward to seeing them at every conference I attended.

Anyone who met Drew knew almost instinctively, he was more than just a great speaker and amazing developer, who loved his work, he was a great father, husband, and human being, who loved life.

Tamar marked a valuable sentiment in her tribute that I share wholeheartedly:

Drew has been one of the cornerstones of the FoxPro community for more than a decade. His family has been part of our family. It’s hard to imagine our little corner of the world without Drew and Brent.

I am a richer person for having known them and send my deepest sympathies to Irene and his entire family.